EMPOWER ASIA was established in 1990 and now operates in six Asian nations; Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Bhutan, Kolkata (India) and Nepal. Around 265 teenagers receive 24/7 care while residing in one of our 18 safe-houses so that they may receive nutritious meals, come to grow in their knowledge of God and also attend school (or tertiary institutions). This is all carried out in a loving family environment. 

Taree tells her story in this short video below.

Many of your young people have now graduated on to become engineers, doctors, lawyers, university lecturers, social workers, accountants and Christian workers.

We have had a long history of focusing on children who are both impoverished and at-risk to prostitution and other forms of unsafe employment.

Empower Asia was founded from New Zealand and has been working in Asia since 1990. Whilst the organisation is Christian based there is no affiliation to any particular group, church or denomination. The vast majority of funds are sourced from private individuals, families, small businesses and churches. 

God has really looked after me. I want to thank Him and Empower Asia for giving me this amazing opportunity. I never thought that I would be able to see my life grow as it has.
— Taree Heng, Phnom Penh, CAMBODIA

Empower Asia is the key project of Empower International Trust which is a New Zealand government registered charity holding Certificate of Incorporation number 894963. The Empower Asia board members operate under the supervision of the trustees of the Empower International Trust in accordance with the registered constitution.